Clark Backo Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Boyfriend and Net Worth

If you are a fan of the popular TV series, Supernatural, then you will definitely know Clark Backo. However, if you are not, introductions are in order. Clark Backo is a Canadian actress who is making waves in Hollywood. She has appeared in several movies and TV series; both in her native Canada as well as in America. Even though Backo’s career is still in its infancy, she already has the makings of a future Hollywood star. Want to know more about this fasting rising starlet? We have got all the details right here.

Clark Backo Bio (Age and Ethnicity)

Clark Backo was born in the city of Montreal, Quebec Province, Canada. Her exact date of birth is not known. The actress has also not disclosed specific details about her ethnic heritage. However, a simple glance at her will reveal that she has a mixed ethnicity comprising of Caucasian and other exotic ancestry. Backo spent her formative years in Canada and completed her high school and university education there.

While growing up, she wasn’t enthusiastic about drama and acting but rather loved modeling and dancing. She was however inspired to try acting due to the influence of her dad who was a master storyteller. During her gap year, Backo decided to take some acting classes and she was immediately hooked. She, therefore, joined an acting school, Straeon Studios, and honed her skills under the expert tutelage of Jock MacDonald.

Movies and TV Shows

Clark Backo commenced her acting career in 2012 with a guest appearance on the Canadian TV series, Beauty and the Beast. The series was headlined by Kristin Kreuk as a beautiful detective who falls in love with a mechanically charged beast. Since that 2012 debut, Backo has appeared in other TV series such as Remedy (2015), Haemlock Groove (2015), Shoot the Messenger (2016), Designated Survivor (2016), The Girlfriend Experience (2016), Wynonna Earp (2016), 21 Thunder (2017), The Hot Zone (2019), Letterkenny (2017), The Handmaid’s Tale (2018), and Supernatural (2017 – 2018).

In Supernatural, Backo plays the role of Patience Turner, a teenager whose life is turned upside down when she discovers that she inherited psychic powers from her estranged grandmother. The Montreal native portrayed the role in a season 13 episode titled Wayward Sisters. The episode was meant to serve as a pilot for a potential spinoff also titled Wayward Sisters. The series sadly did not see the light of day as the network decided not to go ahead with it.

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Backo’s career has not been limited to the small screen. She has appeared in movies such as Going In (2016), Sadie’s Last Days on Earth (2016) Seven in Heaven (2018), and Birdland (2018). Sadie’s Last Days on Earth is a comedy about a high school student, Sadie, who erroneously believes that the earth is coming to an end. She thus prepares necessary survival tools whilst evading her curious best friend. The movie was written and directed by Michael Seater, and Backo played the role of Sadie’s best friend named Brennan.

Her Net Worth

Clark Backo has a net worth estimated at $600,000. Her wealth largely stems from her acting career and one can trust that her fortune will increase in the nearest future as her career continues to grow in leaps and bounds. She has been spotted enjoying the finer things of life such as sleek cars as well as designer clothes and accessories.

Clark Backo’s Parents and Boyfriend

Clark Backo is a very private person and as such, has not shared any details about her parents’ names or any potential siblings she may have. She has however disclosed that she was motivated to go into acting due to her dad’s excellent storytelling abilities which made her desire to become a storyteller herself. The Montreal native has also disclosed that she hopes to use her career to tell stories that are not being told and to give a voice to the voiceless in the society.

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When you are a beautiful and talented actress, your love life will be of public interest and Backo is no different. The Canadian national is dating a guy simply identified as Frenchto. Even though they are yet to officially confirm the relationship, a cursory glance at the two would reveal that they are more than platonic friends. Additionally, the actress often shares pictures of them together; be it at a party or just spending quality time by themselves.