Who Is Claire Abbott? Age, Measurements, Sister, Where Is She Now?

A lot of young Americans have been shot into the limelight for uploading different kinds of videos on YouTube. Some of these young stars include Connor Franta, Desi Perkins, Emma Chamberlain, the Dolan Twins (Ethan and Grayson) and Claire Abbott. The latter became a social media celebrity for uploading hot bikini pictures on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Apart from her career on social media, Claire is also a singer and songwriter. In 2012, she made the cover of Adele’s song titled Turning Tables.

The gorgeous model was able to amass an enviable number of followers on the social media but surprisingly, she suddenly disappeared from the scene since 2016, leaving her fans wondering what she is up to. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about the model and where she actually is now.

Who Is Claire Abbott? (Age)

Claire Abbott was born in Toronto, Canada, on January 22, 1998. Her interest in creative arts, including acting, singing, and poetry, had always been obvious from the time she was little. During her high school days in Canada, Claire took part in cheerleading during sporting events and was also involved in acting.

She joined Instagram as a teenager and started sharing her pictures. As a result of her charm and innocence, a lot of people were drawn to her and in no time, the young girl became a celebrity on the platform.

Having realized the opportunity that her popularity on Instagram holds for her, the gorgeous Canadian princess, not long after her graduation from high school, thought it wise to use the internet to start off her career as a model and singer. To that effect, she launched her YouTube channel in 2012 and started flaunting her breathtaking curves by uploading her bikini pictures. She also uploaded covers for different songs by other musicians.

With a number of uploaded covers, she gained considerable attention. However, she later released a cover of Adele’s song titled Turning Tables and this won the hearts of many more people over to her channel as a result of her amazing rendition. From then onward, Claire received massive attention which positioned her YouTube career for higher heights.

With regards to her music career, Claire Abbott has not done much outside the covers she posted on YouTube. In 2014, she released her own song titled Fighter, featuring Phlex. By the beginning of 2019, the song had already garnered more than 34,000 views on YouTube.

Claire’s bikini shots earned her lots of compliments from her numerous fans all over the world and even drew the attention of popular fashion magazines, including Maxim, an international men’s magazine. The company featured Claire’s buzzing social media accounts in its June 2016 edition and consequently, Claire Abbott was shot further up the celebrity ladder.

Her Sister

Within the period she was active on social media, Claire did a good job at shielding virtually all information about her parents and siblings. However, it is known that she grew up in her birthplace, Canada, alongside her elder brother who got married in 2015.

She has never spoken of having a sister and there is no information on the internet which proves that she has a sister or any other siblings apart from her brother whose name is not known.

Where Is She Now?

For reasons she chose not to share with her devoted fans, Claire Abbott decided to walk away from her social media career which she worked so hard to build. It was a heart-breaking surprise when her fans found out that the social media goddess had deleted all her social media accounts, including her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Fans began asking questions and rumours started flying araound with one version speculating that she shut down her social media accounts because her nude pictures were leaked online. According to some other people, Claire wanted to focus on building her music career. However, both of these reasons are mere speculations.

Claire’s fans are all still waiting for her to return, hoping that she eventually does.

Claire’s Measurements

The bikini model is well-built and has a beautiful face to match her figure. She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches with a commensurate body weight of 61 kg. Claire’s bust, waist and hips measures 36-25-334 inches and she wears shoe size 10 (US) and a bra of size 36B. She also has blonde hair and a beautiful set of light brown eyes.