TB Joshua: The Man Who Wants To Outwit His Creator

What would you call TB Joshua’s style of healing? If Jesus were to still be alive in the land of Jerusalem would He be on TV showing every single thing he does? I just wonder if CNN, Al-Jazeera, BBC and the other top networks would broadcast His ministry and miracles live or would He be like some pastors who wear $50,000 Rolex watches or like Prophet T. B. Joshua, with a cool Nollywood smile and over $20 million breathing and relaxing in his bank account?

Would the King of kings be housed in a well-built 15-bedroom mansion? Imagine where Jesus arrived in the midst of people waiting endlessly for healing in His own private Jet and walks in with all the splendid display of a flashy lifestyle and the flamboyance of a rich person. You would undoubtedly have your eyes glued to your television set watching every bit of His miracles.

Can you picture Jesus performing the miracle of feeding 5,000 hungry people with just five loaves of bread wearing expensive shoes and clothes? Would He predict the death of presidents and the outcomes of football matches? What might Jesus say concerning present-day prophets like Rev. King? Would Jesus overlook all their practices and keep it to himself or strike them with a long whip. Would he express sharp disapproval or criticism of those kinds of prophets because of their behaviours or actions?

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Many people would love to satisfy their curiosity and know things they are not familiar with. Just like me, they really want to figure out all the puzzles and the mysteries of life. That might be the reason why these huge crowds gather in prophetic churches trying to pry into their future whenever anybody claims to possess the gift of prophecy. They have actually succeeded in getting the hearts of a crowd interested in connecting with their future by themselves through prophecies and no longer the path ordained by God. The very few free thinkers who don’t follow the crowd are now seen as “critics of an ordained person”.