Wole Soyinka – Biography, Wife, Children, Family, Quick Facts

Professor Wole Soyinka, a great and brilliant Nigerian writer and political activist, who was the first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. The name, Wole Soyinka, is a household name both in Africa and beyond especially in the field of literature. With over 50 pieces of work, his writing includes poems, novels, memoirs and a wide variety of essays. He is indisputably one of the best writers in Africa at the moment. Aside from literature, Soyinka is also famous for the active role he played in Nigeria’s political history and its struggle with British colonization and corrupt leadership in the entire African continent. However, these are general facts which almost everyone who has heard the name, Wole Soyinka already knows. Now, if you’ll love to grab the very interesting details of this literary icon’s life, ranging from the big stories to the very little known facts, just relax and read on…!

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Biography, Family

Wole Soyinka was born Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, on Friday, the 13th of July, 1934 in the city of Abeokuta, in Ogun state of Nigeria. His native town is Isara Remo in Ogun State. He is the second out of six children born to his father, Samuel Ayodele Soyinka, an Anglican Minister and Headmaster of St. Peter’s Primary School, Abeokuta, and his mother, Grace Eniola Soyinka, a market trader. He was born into a Christian home and a very rich Yoruba cultural setting where he practised indigenous Yoruba Religious tradition. He therefore, grew up in a setting of mixed traditions – Christian religion and Yoruba traditional religion.