Who Is Amber Rebold From Next Level Chef? Everything About The Contestant – Meet On Instagram

Amber Rebold is among the fifteen contestants on Next Level Chef, who is all set to give a tough time to every one of her competitors. 

Next Level Chef, Gordon Ramsay’s latest cooking competition series is taking things to the next level. Fifteen contestants will compete for the $250,000 grand prize and the title of Next Level Chef.

Three chefs, Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington will be judging the show.

Will, Amber Rebold be able to beat all fifteen contestants and take the prize money home? Let’s watch the show on FoxTv for that.

Who Is Amber Rebold From Next Level Chef? Wikipedia Bio

Amber Rebold is one of the fifteen participants in the Next level chef reality show. The Texas native has yet to be featured on Wikipedia, however, we can find some information about the chef in the tabloids like ours.

Rebold is a 33-year-old culinary expert from the city of Austin, Texas. Who according to her Instagram bio is not trained, but knows well what tastes good.

She has her own cooking channel on Instagram, where she shares her recipes and cooking tips with her followers.

Rebold is a tough competitor for others; with her expertise and experience, she will give her rivals a very hard time in the show.

We can follow her on her personal Instagram account, under the handle, @amberlanetxyall, where she has over 3.1k followers.

In the first episode, Rebold was tasked to cook steak, however, it seems like she overcooked the filet. She is safe for now.

She has taken it to Instagram to explain that it all happen as circumstantial misconduct. She further claims, Amber Lane Rebold regularly enjoys, respects, and cooks steak to perfection.

Let’s watch episode two for more fun on 5 January.

33 Years Of Amber Rebold Is All Set To Win Next Level Chef

Amber Rebold appears to be at the age of 33. However, she has not shared her exact date of birth with the public.

As a result, we don’t know when did she celebrate her birthday. Despite being a fantastic chef, she has taken proper care of herself.

She is very conscious of her health and takes good care of herself, both physically and nutritionally.

She does not seem to be married, but it appears like her sister is married with two kids. She is an animal lover who frequently posts about her pet dogs and cats.

What Is Amber Rebold’s Net Worth? Explore Her Earnings

Amber Rebold’s net worth as of Jan 2022 is expected to be between $50, 000 to $100,000. She has not shared any detail about her professional life or earnings, but she is a chef who earns her living through cooking.

She is bound to earn a fortune along with fame if she displayed an amazing performance in the show, perfect enough to be praised and admired by every judge.

She is also an Instagram chef, where she has her own Culinary account as Ambermadewhat. We can follow her culinary account, to get some delicious recipes.

If you are having trouble as to what to cook for today, you can go to her account choose whatever dish you like, and prepare the delicious dish ever.